My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/23/21

Here we are at the end of another week. That means it is time for my much anticipated(by no one) recap of what I watched and read this week.


When I started thinking about this post yesterday I couldn’t remember if I watched a new movie. I remembered finding Dirty Dancing on HBO one afternoon and having it on in the background while I “worked” but that was it. I was about to ask my wife what we watched when it hit me that this was the week that we watched the Snyder cut of Justice League on HBO MAX. We watched all four hours on one night. I had no memory of the theatrical version even though I know I watched it. I guess I am destined to forget this movie in all forms. I did enjoy the Snyder cut. It held my interest for four hours. I liked the added humor that all DC movies desperately need. I liked the Cyborg storyline. I like Affleck as Batman. The Flash portions of the movie give me high hopes for the Flash movie. I think it was worth the four hours.


We watched two new shows this week The first was Rebel on ABC. Rebel stars Katey Segal as Rebel, a legal advocate who helps those in need. She is loosely based on Erin Brockovich. The main character is called Rebel. She has three kids by three different husbands. The two ex husbands are still part of her life There is one big story that seems like it will cover the entire season and then there are smaller “case of the week” cases. It has a very good cast. We enjoyed it and will keep watching.

The second new show was Mare of Easttown on HBO. Kate Winslet stars as Mare, a local high school basketball legend turned local police detective. She is investigating a missing girl who was the daughter of a former teammate. The first episode ends with the murder of another young girl. Mare lives next door to her ex husband and his new fiancé and is raising her grandson as well as her teen daughter. Her mom, played by Jean Smart, also lives with her. I really liked this one and was sure my wife would think it was too slow. I was wrong. She liked it as well, so it is added to our queue.

My wife has given up on The Nevers after one episode. I watched the second episode and I feel like I might give it up as well. It just doesn’t hole my interest enough to keep going.

I also finally quit Manifest.


I read two books this week.

If These Wings Could Fly by Kyrie McCauley – Leighton is a senior in high school. She lives with her mom, two younger sisters, and an abusive father in a house that repairs itself after her father damages it in a rage. As the story starts, thousands of crows have descended on the town, one of which visits the girls and leaves gifts for the youngest. The town is aware of the abuse, but turns a blind eye to it. As Leighton deals with the family problems, she worries about going to college and abandoning her sisters. She also falls in love with Liam, the star football player. Most of the book works really well. I was completely invested in Leighton’s story and her attempts to get her mom to press charges against their dad. The love story was done well. I didn’t really see the point of the self repairing house or the crows. They didn’t add much to the story and the house part was just distracting. I would still recommend it.

The Ginger Kid: True Tales from a Former Nerd by Steve Hofstetter – Comedian Steve Hofstetter writes about his time at Hunter College High School in NYC. It is in the form of personal essays in which he talks about bullying, dating, and trying to fit in. I think I enjoyed this one because I related to it so much. He was an awkward nerd. His family struggled financially. He was awkward when it came to dating. It was like a NYC version of me, but funnier. I would highly recommend.

On Deck

We have Promising Young Woman on DVD. The season finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is available now. I will continue my desperate attempt to head off a DVR disaster. I am reading Hummingbird Salamander by Jeff Vandermeer.

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