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Updating this one today. I mentioned recently that the posts I think are my best posts are some of my least read. I also posted on Facebook that my most views in one day is still from 2014 when a Twitter celebrity retweeted my Michael Vick post. I decided to look to see if there has been any change in my top viewed posts since I wrote this 5 years ago. There has been a bit of change see below for the big reveal

Link or It Didn’t Happen This one is weird. A lot of hits from Google searches and for a while if I googled the phrase this post was a top option. Again, a lot of disappointed customers. Still number one after all these years. I did just recently update the post, so the date looks more current than it really is.

Eastern Travel Services/Megabus – A Review – I somehow left this one off last time. Still number 2 after many years. My review of a bus service to NYC from years ago.

The Alan Meme  A lot of the hits for this one come from overseas. I think they were looking for something else. A lot of disappointed customers there. Still solidly in third place. Weird

Michael Vick This one was helped by a popular Twitter user retweeting it and it still only has 252 hits. That’s how small my audience is. This one is now up to 326. It’s actually behind my About page, but I’m not counting that. 

The Lori Loughlin Scandal in Full House GIFS –Finally a newer one jumps into the top five. This was helped by Twitter as well and my relentless sharing of it whenever the scandal is in the news.

On Marches and Life –  What I think is one of my better posts. I’m glad it has cracked the top five. This also benefits from a lot of sharing after various news stories. 


Dropping out of the top five were these two. They actually dropped 5 spaces each and some other news ones jumped over them. I have a feeling the Washington Post Detective Bracket post will surge into the top five soon as it seems Google is directing people to my blog as much as it is directing people to the actual bracket.

Facebook Again This one I can’t explain. Just an average run of the mill post about Facebook. I’m not sure why it was read more than the rest of my boring run of the mill posts.

No Time is a Good Time for Goodbye This is the one I wrote in the aftermath of the loss of my mom. No surprise why it was read so many times. It is still hard.

So, there you have it. My five most read blog posts since I’ve started this thing. I’ve written much better than most of these. Weird that these are the ones that people read.


9 thoughts on “My Most Read Posts

  1. I know a little about how search engines work — though I’m by no means an expert, and I certainly don’t have all the answers.

    I believe that if you’re interested in creating content that features highly in them, one thing you want to do is to retain the same URL (web address) for each. I note that your ‘Link or It Didn’t happen‘ link above bears a 2009 date, but that that now redirects to a different URL with a 2021 date in it. That’s actually a bit of a puzzle to me; I’m not sure how you accomplished that (I’ve edited old posts of my own to update them, but it never changes the ‘permalink’ when I do).

    But I do think that you may find that this (‘Link or It Didn’t Happen’) post will drop out of your top five over time as a result of this change, because (I believe that) one thing that search engines don’t like§ is when addresses change… and one thing they do like is inbound links to URLs — and one effect of changing the URL will be a reduction in this important attribute.

    On the subject of the ‘weirdness’ you note: I see that DuckDuckGo‡ now presents, at top of its results, a page discussing the ‘thought-terminating cliché‘. I suspect that may be a possible reason why you were finding so many ‘disappointed customers’. I myself find the subject of cognition fascinating, and often search for related memes. The mere fact that your post bore that title probably contributed to its popularity, as the content of page titles is heavily weighted.

    ‡ DuckDuckGo is my search engine of choice these days, because, unlike Google (which has quietly dropped the “Don’t be evil” motto it used to have), it doesn’t creepily track me.

    § Yes, yes, I know: I shouldn’t anthropomorphise machines — because they don’t like it 😉

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    1. Yeah, I know that I’m getting much better numbers than I used to and what I consider a small number hit be big for others. On the flip side, what’s a good day for me is a bad day for others.


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