What’s Good in Tater Town 4/18/21

Another week is in the books. It’s weird how the days can seem so long yet the weeks seem to fly by. Here’s the good I can remember from the week in Tater Town.

  1. Dinner with my son Monday night.
  2. The yard was finally dry enough for me to finish mowing.
  3. I finally used my free birthday sub coupon from Jersey Mike’s.
  4. Another free donut Wednesday at Dunkn.
  5. My local library is open for walk in service.
  6. I had holds to pick up and was able to browse the new book shelf while I was there.
  7. I received notice that something I submitted to Spillwords was accepted.
  8. The Braves were on TV a few times this week.
  9. Great weather for reading on the deck.
  10. People are still reading this space for some reason.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to look for the good in your life.

9 thoughts on “What’s Good in Tater Town 4/18/21

  1. My week ended great! I got to see my daughter and son-in-law for the first time since Christmas 2019. Better yet, I got to meet my 12-week-old grandson for the first time. Hugs all around!

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