London After Princess Diana’s Death

Prince Philip’s funeral today reminds me of being in London the week of Princess Diana’s funeral. My wife’s aunt was living in London and we had booked a trip over to see her. The weekend before we were scheduled to leave Princess Diana died. We arrived in London in the days leading up to her funeral. Here are a few of the pictures I took of the flowers around London sites that week.

7 thoughts on “London After Princess Diana’s Death

    1. It was. I’m disappointed we didn’t go out to watch the procession. My wife’s uncle worked in the news and had to be at work and her aunt didn’t want to deal with the crowds so we watched on tv from her place

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      1. Travel is hard to imagine these days. Just randomly being part of a historic event is pretty crazy! I remember when the wall came down and my mum was crying; I had no idea my life changed for good …

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