A Tater Musical Interlude – Douchebag by Patent Pending

A long time ago my son and I were supposed to go see Bowling For Soup in concert in Baltimore. The place they were supposed to perform closed down and they ended up playing a rooftop bar in the rain. My son and I attended and he got to meet the lead singer after we noticed he was standing next to us listening to Patent Pending, one of the opening acts. This is the song I remember them performing at the show. They have become one of my favorite bands.


17 thoughts on “A Tater Musical Interlude – Douchebag by Patent Pending

      1. Ok. Here’s my think. We’re amidst a pandemic. A major character has decided independently to leave the show. Why didn’t they kill him off? Wouldn’t that have made a great storyline?


      2. I’m thinking perhaps they want to leave an opening for him to come back. The show has been renewed for multiple seasons. He left because of his wife’s illness so he could come back at some point. That’s my guess, but you are right. It would have made more sense for them to have him die of Covid.

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      3. I get your thing about leaving an opening, but really…what a natural story arc. As far as drama and emotion there is much they could have done. Have any shows killed off a major character via COVID?


      4. That makes it seem like a throwaway though. On one hand, we have only discussed COVID this past year. And if a show is going to deal with COVID as part of its storyline, shouldn’t they try to really grip you with the reality? I mean, if it’s not going to make a major impact, why bother with the storyline?

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      5. I completely agree with that. Like A million little things has become ridiculous . It’s barely watchable how they treat it. It’s like they’re almost improving what they’re going to write about. And greys is ridiculous too. At this point I don’t care if Meredith recovers…

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