Change Happens

I recently had no idea what to wrote so I asked readers to give me ideas. I got a few responses, but the majority of them were people saying what they like about what I’ve already written. So, most of y’all failed the assignment. Do better. I did get a suggestion from LA to write about the new thing where WordPress hs related post links at the end of a blog post. I decided to incorporate that into a post about change on social media sites in general and how we react.

There have been a few changes here on WordPress recently. One of those being the aforementioned related posts thing. I have to admit that I rarely even notice post links unless I am looking for them. I haven’t noticed any uptick in people clicking on old posts due to the link being at the end of a newer post. I think it is a good idea and I want to get in the habit of looking to see what is included at the end of the posts I read. It is a good way to catch posts from that specific blogger that I might have missed and could also introduce me to a new blogger. I just don’t think to look so it hasn’t really changed my use of WordPress. Do you notice them? Do you read them? Do they annoy you?

Another big change on WordPress was going from the classic to the block editor. I hated the block editor when the switch occurred. I was sure I would always look to see if I could write in the classis editor instead. Now, the block editor seems like the norm to me and I have no issue with using it to write. If they changed it at this point I would probably be mad I was losing the block editor.

WordPress isn’t the only social media site that changes. Facebook has changed to newsfeed multiple times and every time they do everyone complains and wants the old one back. Eventually, everyone gets used to the new feed and then they complain when it is changed again and want to go back to the one they complained about when it was released. Twitter has the same issue with change The only change I want to be reversed is the algorithm deciding what I see. I always keep Twitter set to “see recent tweets first” and wish it was easy to do that on Facebook. I don’t want to see 3-day old posts you think I missed. I want to see what people are posting today. I can deal with a different look as long as the function is what I want.

Generally, most people have trouble dealing with change even if it is a small change. We like to live in our comfort zone. Life is easier there. We can’t stop change in real life. We get older. Our kids get older. Businesses open. Businesses close. Time passes. We don’t want change in our online experience. It is an escape and changes there remind us that change is inevitable. That’s not what we want from our escape.


23 thoughts on “Change Happens

  1. Ok…here’s my take on the posts at the bottom of a post. I have had people reading posts from early on in my blogging career recently, and it’s just bizarre because I need to refresh my mind as to the post. I don’t care which of my posts people read, but it’s just, I don’t know, disconcerting maybe. Also, you get a whole bunch of related topics…I don’t read specific topics, I read specific bloggers, so that’s useless to me. But I also wonder under what blogs my posts will appear.

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    1. Interesting. I have not notiecd any uptick at all. I do get random views of some older posts, but I’m not sure it’s from that. I also don’t read topics which is why I’ve never paid attention to the related posts thing. Now I’m also wondering if my blog posts are showing up under random posts as related

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      1. They totally are. But what’s the algorithm as to which posts show up where? I can see I’m getting so many new readers and I can only attribute it to this thing. Otherwise there’s no valid reason for the uptick in, what I’ll call popularity, of my blog.I think I got 100 new followers last week. This isn’t a brag but a why is this happening

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      2. My post about reading from last week? It actually had the highest views on a day that it wasn’t the “new” post. I can only assume it’s linked somewhere else. I have certain posts that are getting crazy amounts of hits (ok…crazy for me….) my worry is that I’m going to write one if my “thought” posts and it’s going to get linked to someone weird…

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      3. The only post I have that is getting a weird amount of hits is the Washington Post Detective Bracket one but that’s because if you search for the bracket a certain way my blog is ahead of the Post on the Google results.

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      4. I don’t normally look at my stats too much, but even I can see my numbers going a bit crazy. It’s not like I’ve become a better writer

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  2. I am using the Block version. It was a little strange in the beginning but I try to be adaptable. That being said when I do my online student conferences I do not like anyone to listen to me in the house as I fear I sound silly if I am recording and no one is there but then I have a few students get on, the lawn man makes lots of noise outside the door and the husband begins to hum a tune while the pug barks. Such is the life of little surprises with a touch of angst before I roll with the changes and tell myself, get on with life.

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      1. Yeah, more disconcerting was the sound of babies crying, ambulance or police in the background from other locals….but it was not my area or my home. I find things online doable but dealing with some of the online publishers and some of the trickiness of people getting back to you over glitches can be very frustrating. I have the time now but I try to stick to a schedule and not overdo anything in case I pick up some more classes or a full time position.

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