A Question and a Musical Interlude(Fireflies by Dave Hause

First the question – how do you find new music?

As I’ve written before, a lot of my new music has come from discovering bands when they opened for another band at a concert.

I used to make myself listen to a pop music radio station on the way to work so I would hear current music.

I flip through Sirius stations when driving and occasionally hit a new country song I like.

A friend left a CD of Dave Hause’s music on my desk one day.

Now, I don’t go to concerts. I don’t drive much so I don’t listen to the radio. When I walk I listen to a playlist I built of songs I like.

How do you find new music in a time like this?

And now, one of my favorite Dave Hause songs. Enjoy.


14 thoughts on “A Question and a Musical Interlude(Fireflies by Dave Hause

  1. I find new music by forgetting my jukebox which plays music at the gym and listening to their music. I am a big fan of Amy Winehouse. One day, I was at a store and they were playing her music. I find music in odd ways. We have many musicians who live in Florida and my husband is always discovering new ones.

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  2. Pretty much the only way I find new music is by finding a song that I like and booting up the Spotify number radio that goes with it (with similar songs) or via Youtube Autoplay/Trending 🤣🤣

    I’m hopeless. I pretty much recycle the songs I’ve been listening to for years haha

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  3. I find new music in a couple of ways. Though some areas have suffered since the pandemic. I listen to WXPN, which is the NPR Music station out of the University of Pennsylvania. I also listen to NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast. That mostly gets me lots of indie stuff. I find a few pop songs via the Switched on Pop and Song Exploder podcasts. I also check out my new release radar on Spotify every week.

    I’m pretty out of the loop these days on pop music and country music that gets radio play because I lost the ways I used to listen to that music. I only generally listen to pop music while listening to the radio in the car or you know restaurants and stores and stuff. I barely drive and don’t go into buildings anymore, so I’ve lost all that. I have WPOC set as the station on my alarm clock, but because I don’t get up at the same time anymore since I’m working from home the stretch of time that’s on while I’m getting ready is mostly them talking and ads instead of actual music.

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  4. I find new music when with someone else with different taste in music and have often then started adding new songs to my list. Also may listen to music talked about in a book, magazine or daily reading. On Pandora I will request songs written by artist and then then I can hear may different variations.

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  5. I don’t find new music generally. Sad but true. I have my favorites. I have discovered new-to-me artists using Pandora, starting with a group or song I like and seeing where it takes me. I don’t do that often though.

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