The Request Line is Open

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I have two subjects in my head as possible posts. I’m just not feeling either one of them today. One because I don’t know if I want to write about it at all. The other because I can’t just get it right right now. I might try to work on it today while I watch the baseball games and hope the Braves finally win a game. If it works out I might go ahead and publish this afternoon in case I have something else in my head tomorrow.

In the interim, I will once again try something that has not yet been successful. I figure since I have a few more followers these days and my Facebook page has been a little more active, I will try again.

What topics would you like to s me write about in this space?

Are there questions about me you would like to ask?

Any TV shows you would like me to review?

Do anybody care?

Ask away in the comments and I will do my best to answer questions in a future post or write about the topics/shows you suggest.


26 thoughts on “The Request Line is Open

  1. Hmmmm…what do you think of the new WordPress thing where related posts are shown after someone’s blog? I’m thinking that one. On Friday I’m writing if asking someone for proof of vaccination violates hipaa or disabilities act. That has mileage. Or should you guilt someone into getting vaccine. Do you watch This is Us? If so, did it jump the shark this season. Or has A million little things gotten ridiculous

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      1. As a new reader, I feel the same way. I generally find your posts interesting, except for basketball…But then sports ain’t my bag. Although i have started watching classic boxing on ESPN on Hulu

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      2. I always figure you create what you want for you, everyone isn’t going to like every post. I’ve tried gauging my audience and most people responded with what I just said. Write about what interests you or check stats now and again to see what most people gravitate to and take it from there. I see you gave up the podcast.

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  2. I like random-thoughts posts. Your recent music video post was a nice change of pace. I still always enjoy your TV posts. Maybe there will be more of a traditional season this fall, so you can help me decide what TV shows I might want to watch, especially now that I get all kinds of channels. Have you watched Acorn or Britbox? I’m finding interesting things I don’t necessarily see anywhere else. Of course, they are subscriptions. Suetu is currently reading a nonfiction book set in what I believe is your jail library (I sent you a recommendation). I think that might be an interesting book to hear your thoughts on, since you’re familiar with the setting and maybe were even there when it happened (though I have a feeling you had already been released).

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    1. I’m hoping there will be normal announcement for fall tv next month and I will have that to write about. We did a free trial of Brit box but only to watch as much Would I Lie to You as possible. I looked at the book recommendation. It is from the prison in the same area where I worked but not mine. I might give it a read at some point.

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  3. I will be curious to see how you like substitute teaching. I did that for a year or so about 2 years ago combining it with another job online. I will admit I am curious about your experiences.

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