Tater on Commercials

I usually don’t watch a lot of commercials. I record all of the shows I watch and then fast forward over the commercials. I usually only see commercials in the morning when I’m watching the Today Show and when I am watching live sports. With March Madness on TV the past few weeks I’ve seen way too many commercial way too many times. Maybe it’s because I don’t see them regularly, but it seems commercial are way more annoying right now and several have music that gets stuck in my head for hours and annoys me all day long. Here are two of those

This one that prompted this post where I rewrote the song

And this one that is even more annoying

There’s the less annoying iPhone commercial with the guy cooking that plays constantly

The worst of the worst is the one with the woman trying not to drop her phone

Not all ads are bad. I still like the AT & T commercial with Lily and enjoyed her segments “explaining” basketball

And the best commercials on TV right now are these

Now that basketball is over I will go back to only seeing commercials during the news and Jeopardy and the occasional baseball game when the Braves are on TV. Hopefully, by the time football starts and I’m back to watching live sports regularly, the trend of annoying music and sounds will be gone and we will get more like the last two.

And now back to your show…


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