My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/2/21

I can’t believe it is April already. This year is flying by. One more weekend of basketball and then the only sports I will watch will be when the Braves are actually on TV. Here’s my week in reading and watching.

Movies – I did not watch a new movie this week. Between watching basketball and being sleepy because I stayed up late watching basketball a movie was not in the picture. I did watch Happy Gilmore Wednesday afternoon because I was tired and didn’t want to think.

TV – Basketball was on all day Saturday and Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday night. That took most of my TV time this week. We did finally watch the first two episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier last Friday. I love the Marvel movies and Bucky is one of my favorite characters. Not surprisingly, I really liked the show, I wish there was going to be more than six episodes. We tried the new CBS comedy The United States of Al last night. It was fine. It has potential, but could also get old fast if they don’t expand past the premise(a former marine arranges for his Afghani translator to move to the US and live with him). I will give it a couple more episodes to see where they are taking it. The cast is pleasant. I didn’t watch as much of The Fosters as I would have because the new Hulu update does not work on the Fire Stick and they don’t seem to have the ability to fix it. I watched on my iPad some, but would have watched more if using the TV. I watched the Braves opening day game yesterday.

Books – I finished two books this week.

Game Changer by Neal Shusterman – Ash is a high school football player living a good life. God friends, popularity and a chance at a football scholarship. In the first game of the new season after a hard hit on the quarterback he feels weird and then realizes the world has changed. It starts small. Stop signs are now blue. The next game the hit changes things a little more. As each hit changes the world and Ash more Ash begins to see things through different eyes. Can he figure out how to get his world back? My daughter read this one first and immediately said I should read it. It is very good. Suspenseful, interesting way to show how your view of the world change when you see it through someone else’s eyes. Highly recommend.

Anxious People by Fredrik Bachman – A would be bank robber flees and takes a group of people hostage at an apartment open house. A father/son duo of police officers investigate as the bank robber has disappeared after the hostages are released. The story goes back and forth between the investigation, the events during the hostage situation, and things in the past that connect some of the characters. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I liked it nearly as much as the people who recommended I read it, I think Bachman has voice that appeals to some more than others. I am on the outer edge of those to whom it appeals. I would recommend it, but I can’t say for sure that you will like it.

On Deck – We plan to watch Kong vs Godzilla tonight. I have the season premiere of Manifest to watch today. The new shows Home Economics and Rebel start next week. They both look promising, but I think my daughter wants me to wait for her to watch the first one. I still want to try the new Mighty Ducks show, but my wife says she might want to watch it so I have to wait for her. I am reading The Project by Courtney Summers.


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