What’s Good in Tater Town 3/28/21

This was one of those weeks where by Wednesday I had lost track of the days and had to keep reminding myself the next day was Thursday and I had something to do. Was there good in the confusion? Let’s see,

  1. Dinner with my son Sunday night.
  2. More basketball on TV.
  3. A break from basketball midweek meant real sleep to get ready for more basketball.
  4. I found a game to keep me occupied when I don’t feel like reading,
  5. Warm weather most of the week.
  6. Warm weather meant time reading on my front porch.
  7. Two free donuts this week.
  8. Actually all my donuts are still free thanks to my going away gift from my friends at the library.
  9. I didn’t seriously hurt myself when I fell down the stairs.
  10. My dog’s dental procedure went well.

That’s all I can think of for the week. Nothing too exciting happened.

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