Back in the Saddle

Today feels like the first day back at work after vacation. I took a break from my regular schedule a little over a week ago and went into vacation mode. I still worked on the blog, but I didn’t really go back to my long form writing at all.

My daughter came home Sunday and left Thursday afternoon.

Monday my son came home for a birthday lunch for my daughter and stayed until late afternoon.

Tuesday and Wednesday I did blog stuff and then spent the afternoon watching TV and movies with my daughter.

Thursday I did my morning food deliveries and then drove my daughter back to her apartment.

Friday-yesterday basketball games started every day at noon so I would write a blog post, take the dog for a walk and then watched basketball. I would occasionally read or play a game while watching.

I did not have my normal stress about “being productive” that I usually have these days. It was like being on vacation. I enjoyed the vacation.

Now, my daughter is back at school. All day basketball is done. No more games until Saturday. The Monday/Tuesday games next week will be night games.

Today feels like the first day back from vacation. I’m rested. I’m a little sad that it is over. I’m finding it slow going getting back to work.

It is a nice day today so I will spend some time doing yard work today while listening to music. If i have to feel productive I can at least be productive with some music and some sun.

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