Monday Morning Sleep Deprived Tater

My daughter was home for a few days last week. When she is home my sleep schedule gets messed up. She stays up late and sleeps in. I stay up later with her when she is home. I doze off and on while she and my wife watch The Great British Baking Show. I go up to actual bed around 1AM. Unlike the rest of my family, this does not mean I sleep late. I still wake up relatively early no matter what time I go to sleep. Sometimes on my own. Sometimes because the dog wakes me up.

My daughter leaving did not change my sleep habits because March Madness has started. I’m now staying up late to watch basketball. I have not gone to bed before midnight in over a week. The time change has changed when I wake up. Instead of waking up around 6:30am I am now waking up between 7 and 7:30. It’s still not enough sleep and has the added bonus of making my day seem completely off, especially when it comes to the blog.

I have discovered over the years that if I post after 9am my time the number of people who see the post plummets. It’s not as bad as it used to be. In the early days if this happened I would get fewer than 20 view for the entire day. My number of regular readers has grown enough that I rarely have a day when that happens. Even days I don’t post cant get 20 views. I don’t know why y’all keep reading, but thank you.

Even though it doesn’t have as big of an impact on views, I still like to stay on schedule because once one thing is off schedule the rest of my day is off. This shouldn’t be a big deal for someone who is on sabbatical from being a productive member of society, but for me it is. A day like today makes my whole day seem off. I’m still typing this after 9am. I still have dishes in the sink to deal with. I still have not taken a shower. I need to run to the grocery store. Basketball games start at noon. I have therapy at 3. I need to take the dog for a walk in there somewhere. Only a couple of things that really need to be done but I had a plan for the day and I feel like I’m late.

I really need to go back to an alarm. I had started setting one, but staying up late I decided sleep was more important. Instead, I’m still tired and I’m stressed about feeling late. I feel like I’m doing this sabbatical thing wrong.

9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Sleep Deprived Tater

  1. Try to stop stressing about these things. There’s no right or wrong way to do the sabbatical thing. You’re still figuring it out and should hit your stride in the next couple of months.

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  2. unless you are definitely trying to make money from your blog, I wouldn’t be so concerned about the stats. If you have followers, get likes, comments or views…That’s a plus to me no matter the number…Even it’s minute. It’s still better than having zero of everything.

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