Tater’s 2021 Picks of Madness

Its finally here. After a two year wait, we finally have March Madness. My favorite time of the year. It won’t be the same this year without Kentucky, but I’m still very happy about it. I need March Madness to get my mind off waiting to be eligible for the vaccine. I need distraction and this is the perfect distraction. Normally, games would start tonight and then we would have games all day Thursday through Sunday. The wait is a little longer this year. The games start Thursday night and then we will have games all day Friday through Monday. Four days of basketball all day, Four days of focusing n nothing but how my bracket compares to the others in my pool. I cant’ wait.

Here are some highlights of my bracket picks. I never like to pick a favorite to win unless it is Kentucky.

Upset specials: UCSB over Creighton, Ohio over Virginia, Play in Winner over USC, Georgetown over Colorado, UNC Greensboro over Florida State, Maryland over UConn, Winthrop over Villanova,

First one seed out – Michigan falls to LSU if Livers is not back.

Final Four – Gonzaga, Alabama, Ohio St, Oklahoma St

Championship game – Oklahoma State beats Alabama.

Now you know what not to pick for your bracket. I’m never right and I always pick too many upsets.


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