What’s Good in Tater Town 3/14/21

This might be a short list. It was not a great week. Most of that is mood related, not necessarily event related. Not a lot of events these days. Let’s see if I can find some good.

  1. Dinner with my son Sunday night.
  2. New Walking Dead to watch.
  3. Really nice weather all week. I wore shorts and a t-shirt while walking the dog Thursday.
  4. Food delivery to four houses Thursday was easier now that I know where all the houses are,
  5. New Station 19, Grey’s and Million Little Things Thursday night.
  6. A lot of good college basketball games on TV.
  7. Today’s is the day sunset will be after 7pm.
  8. my daughter comes home today for a few days for spring break.

That’s all I can think of today.

Here is the recording I did Friday afternoon. Sort of a weekly recap.


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