When Life Interrupts

I had a plan for the morning. I woke up at 6. I made my coffee. I drank it while reading the Washington Post. I played Spelltower and did my daily crossword puzzles. I had a plan for what I was going to write for the blog today. I was ready to get stated, but first I needed food. I went to the kitchen for breakfast and noticed something in the dining room. A mess courtesy of the dog with an upset stomach. So, instead of my blogging I was cleaning the dining room floor and then giving the dog a bath.

I still have not had breakfast. I only have an hour before I go pick up my food boxes for delivery. I then have two hours to deliever the food, pick up books at the library and be home before the Kentucky basketball game starts at noon. I will then have to scrub the tub from the dog’s bath. My plan for the day is out the window.

Here’s hoping the rest of the day has no bad surprises.

8 thoughts on “When Life Interrupts

  1. Dogs!! Mine wet the bed two weeks ago. Same thing — I had to change my plans and took her to the vet. After almost $200 vet bill, we concluded that SHE IS OVERWEIGHT and DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER! I put her on a diet and she hasn’t piddled inside since.
    I hope you have a much better evening!

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