Losing Friends on Facebook

About a month ago, a friend on Facebook posted that she was going to unfriend people she considered hypocrites for speaking out against the Capitol riots and not on the Black Lives Matters protests. Or something like that. I can no longer see the post because very soon after that post she was no longer my friend on Facebook. In this case, it’s easy to know why she unfriended me. It was easy to see that she unfriended me because I went to look for something she had posted around the same time and saw we were no longer friends. I discovered soon after that when I posted something in a Facebook group for my high school class that I was no longer friends with a couple more people from high school/ I have no idea when or why they unfriended me. I have downloaded an app now that tells me who unfriended me because I think it will be interesting to track when it happens to see if I can guess why. Since downloading the app, I’ve lost one more friend. This time it as someone I only vaguely knew via library stuff. I’m assuming in this case it was just them cleaning up their friend list and random “no longer librarian” didn’t make the cut.

Being unfriended is nothing new to me. I’ve lost several friends over the years and I can guess in a lot of cases why. Here are some I know of:

One friend from college who got mad when I didn’t reply to a comment he made on a post. He then posted a comment telling me if I was going to ignore him he would unfriend me. After that, it was pretty much 100% I was never going to reply/ We are no longer Facebook friends.

Another college acquaintance I met at a religious organization. We were playing some Facebook game from long ago where it asked random questions to friends. The one that came up for me to send to him was “have you ever had an STD?” He said I needed better questions and then was no longer my Facebook friend.

Another person from the same place that has friended and unfriended me a couple of times. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect I’m not “Christian” enough in my posts for her.

A high school friend who unfriended me during the 2016 election when it was clear I was very anti-Trump.

Other have unfriended me over the years without a clear cut reason. I assume it’s because they cant handle so much awesome.

I don’t generally unfriend people. I did do a purge at one point where I started unfriending people from work who were not actual friends. The theory was that I was going to go completely private, but then halfway through I gave up and stayed public. I unfriended two people from high school who were way into conspiracy stuff and posted after mass shootings that they were false flag operations and the victims ere crisis actors. I didn’t want to ne connected to people who would post that. I generally just unfollow people rather than unfriend them. Sometimes I mute them for 30 days first and then unfollow if they are still posting what annoys me. I unfollow some people for posting so much that my entire feed is them. I rarely unfriend.

Have you lost friends on Facebook due to politics or other disagreements?

Do you unfriend people you disagree with?


7 thoughts on “Losing Friends on Facebook

  1. I don’t unfriend people I disagree with. I do unfriend people who post ridiculous things that are either untrue or don’t help us solve problems but create more. I unfriend those who choose hate. This includes both Democrats and republicans in even numbers.

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  2. I tend to unfollow rather than unfriend, but I have recently started unfriending “Qnuts.” Interestingly, I have had several friends who were upset with me because they thought I unfriended them, while meanwhile I was thinking they Unfriended me. This has happened more than once. I don’t know if this is a Facebook glitch, or if somehow I accidentally hit “unfriend” along the way.

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  3. I have unfriended people who posted outrageous political lies or who insist on trolling posts just so they can comment in a negative way. I have also unfriended one person whom I found an incredible annoyance, who always made everything all about her. I think you know who this is. Otherwise I just unfollow or hide for 30 days.

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  4. I had the displeasure of letting my anxiety rule in regards to social media, meaning I quit/rejoined Facebook multiple times over the years…Instead of just quitting i would delete posts, photos and unfriend people…Some people realized that was just me and never took it personally others took it personally. So I just quit Facebook for good. The only thing I do is comment on YouTube and engage in WordPress. Like LA I took got tired of the hate on all sides, the thing is though if you have a smaller amount of friends your newsfeed is populated with ads or the same few people, I got tired of the algorithm as well. Good riddance is how I look at it.

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