President’s Day

Today is President’s Day. I started the day by meeting with my cabinet.

President’s Day is not normally a favorite holiday. It is a nice reason to have a random day off in the middle of winter. Apparently, it is also a is day for furniture stores and car dealers to have major sales. I’ve ever understood why it seems the best way to celebrate our past presidents. President’s Day is not a big day unless you are me.

Before I was an unemployed bum I worked at a place with something called birthday leave. It is pretty self explanatory. Birthday leave means you get a day off for your birthday. You can take it within two weeks of your birthday. My birthday is tomorrow(more on that tomorrow. Yes I am that vain) so my birthday always falls somewhere close to President’s Day. That means that i could always plan my birthday leave to get a 4 day weekend. Well, I could until I transferred to the terrible place and the terrible boss had the same birthday. That made things more complicated as I had to negotiate with her for who got what day off and she always wanted to take both her birthday leave on one end of the weekend and a random day off at the other thus blocking me from taking either. Until then, though, President’s Day always meant a 4 day weekend for me. I also have signed up for several restaurant apps and email lists that give me free birthday food, so I would spend the two days off going out for free food. I would go to Panera for the free pastry, get coffee as well, and sit for a while with my book and watch people. Panera reading/people watching was one of my favorite things to do. We would generally go out to eat somewhere over the weekend.

Now, it has lost its luster for a couple of reasons. One, I no longer have a job to get a holiday from. Today is the same as every day has been since mid-December. Tomorrow will be the same as today. I won’t even get a day home alone as no one leaves the house to go places anymore. I will go get my free food over the next few days, but I will be picking things up curbside or via drive thru and then going home. No change of scenery for me.

So, I guess Happy Monday?

7 thoughts on “President’s Day

  1. Well, at least you’re not dead yet. There’s a plus. Lately I’ve been viewing the days from that perspective. Weird, I know. But it always makes me also think of the woman on the Boardello whose screen name was notdeadyet. So yeah.

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