Tater on Love

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am posting this today since I will be doing my regular What’s Good post tomorrow, This is one of my annoying posts that is just links to other posts. I have put together a collection of my posts I have written that have a love theme. Enjoy.

In Which I Embarrass Myself By Writing About First Love – This one was part of a writing challenge I did and one of the topics was first love. So, here is mine.

Platonic Tater – In which I talk about life in the friend zone

Love in the Time of the Rona – a short post about celebrating our anniversary during lockdown

A Mismatched Pair Meeting the Family – where I talked about the first time I et my wife’s family and I met hers

The Proposal Story my telling of the story of the night I proposed to my wife

One Is The Loneliest Number – not romance, but love adjacent. In which I talk about loneliness.

Those are the ones I an recall. I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

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