Writer’s Block Tuesday

Today is one of those days when I have multiple ideas bouncing around in my head but can’t seem to put them into writing. I’m hoping as the day goes on I might be able to get at lest one of them into blog form and I can use it for a post tomorrow. I’m hoping that the writer’s block is only a blog writer’s block and that I will be able to accomplish some non-blog writing today If not, I guess today will be an editing day instead of a writing day. I’m happy that I have things to pick up and return to libraries today. I have an excuse to step away from the laptop and leave the house. I also need gas and need to pick up cards for birthday/Valentine’s Day. So, that combined with two library stops should kill an hour or more. Sometimes I have good post ideas while driving.

I think part of my writing issues come from an unsettled feeling after a dream last night. What I recall from the dream was not unsettling at all, but I woke from it feeling that way. I guess I subconsciously remember something bad from the dream. It was weird, but I wouldn’t consider it a bad one.

Now comes the pledge drive portion of the post. My son works for the Audubon Naturalist Society. They are doing a plunge to support Chesapeake Climate Action Network to keep winter cold. Please consider helping him support a worthy cause. Thanks!


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