A Strange Thing Happened on Twitter Last Night

I started taking notes last night so I could write about Super Bowl commercials this morning. I might still write about it if I need a break from other things. I stopped taking notes pretty quick, though, because it was distracting me from actually enjoying the experience. I already had another distraction due to a weird thing that happened on Twitter.

I am very bad at Twitter. I don’t tweet much. Most of my feed is just my blog posts that are automatically tweeted when I publish. When I do tweet, it is usually in reply to someone else. Sometimes I try to be funny and usually it falls flat. If I’m lucky, I might get a like or two on a tweet. Most of my tweets will be seen by 20 or so people. My replies are seen by more people, but still there is no interaction. That changes with the exchange below. Roy Wood, Jr is a comedian and is on the Daily Show.

AS you can see, my tweet was nothing groundbreaking. It wasn’t even that funny. The difference here is that Roy Wood, Jr. acknowledged my tweet with a “nicely done” and then suddenly my phone was alerting me constantly of new twitter notifications. I had to turn the sound of on my notifications. It is still happening this morning. The tweet now has 47,281 impressions, 1147 likes, 14 replies, and 11 retweet. 78 people have clicked on my profile(to discover that I am boring) and 3 new people have followed me.

Of course, it wasn’t all just fun and games. Several people jumped in to tell me they thought Biden should be right of center. One person demanded to know “what I find left about this guy” and says they will wait. Have fun waiting asshole.

Several others came in with their “well, actually” tweets about how technically, they are stage right or right for some other reason in the picture because why let a dumb joke stand without telling someone they are wrong about something.

I just ignored all of those.

Now I go back to Twitter obscurity. For a couple of days I will feel like I should try to be better at Twitter, but then I will go back to posting mainly on Facebook where people actually interact with me.

6 thoughts on “A Strange Thing Happened on Twitter Last Night

  1. Haha that’s awesome. I suck with Twitter too. I have an account but never use it. I’ve been to become more active but it’s low on my list of priorities. I should probably delete and be done with it. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the story 🙏

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