Some of My Random Jobs

A long time ago I did a post about my first seven jobs and then I updated and reposted it over the summer. After staring at my laptop for a good fifteen minutes and looking at blog ideas, I decided I would write about some of my jobs that did not make the list of seven first jobs. Jobs are on my mind these days as I work on an attempt to write a memoir of my time working in the jail. That was my longest stretch of time at a job. Here are some other things I have done.

Telemarketer for American Heart Association – I don’t remember when this falls in the list of jobs I held. I don’s remember how long I did it. I know it was a very short time and I was in college. I called people to ask them to be the American Heart Association person for their neighborhood and solicit donations from their neighbors. I remember that one of the neighborhoods on my list is where my girlfriend lived. I called her house and they still refused to sign up. I was very disappointed.

A Job I Didn’t Keep – Selling Knives – I was desperate for a job when I was in college. A sales job came up while I was in communications. I went to the orientation and it was selling knives. It was one of those things where they expected your entire life to be about the knives. They said they expected us to go out that weekend and sell. I said I had a wedding that weekend out of town. They told me to take the knives and try to sell them to family members at the wedding. I said no thank you and left.

Summer MissionaryI wrote about this summer here. I spent the summer in Inez, KY working for the Baptist church. My official job there was going door to door telling people about a new church that was being built. I also helped with Vacation Bible School, did some awkward speaking at church services, and lead the singing at a youth revival. I had a roommate and partner for the summer. He didn’t really like me. I got the impression he thought was was “holier” than me. He was probably right. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost friends on Facebook for the same reason.

Distant Learning Office at UK – This one is briefly mentioned in the first seven jobs post. One summer when the library did not have the budget to keep me on fulltime my supervisor got me a job here. I spent time binding books to be sent out to remote students. I did other random office tasks. I remember one day I had t write printed on a bunch of boxes. After a while, I had written the word so many times it looked wrong. I had to have a coworker look at it to assure me I had written it wrong on all the boxes.

Market Research – This one came after the last job on the list of seven. I was delivering newspapers at the time I interviewed for this one. I liked the newspaper job, but I had no days off and was expected to work major holidays. My interview here was immediately after I finished my route. I had to stop at a gas station restroom to go from ink covered guy in shorts and a t-shirt to interview ready guy in a suit. I got the job on the spot. I spent my days calling doctor’s offices trying to get them to do an interview about medications. I grew to love the job and was good at it. So goo at it that my boss called me in one day to tell me they were giving me a bigger raise than they generally give people because I was so good. I loved the company. Once a month was stopped everything and had a party. They supplied food and booze and we could dress as casual as we wanted. We had a company picnic at a local park. We had an elaborate Christmas party on company time. I miss working for private industry. I had good friends there. I probably would have stayed even after getting my library degree had my wife not been transferred to DC.

Temp Library Jobs – When I first got to the DC area I got jobs through a temp agency. I worked in the library at a law firm near the White House. I would eat lunch in Lafayette Park while looking at the White House. I worked for a week at the World Bank.

And then I went to prison.

3 thoughts on “Some of My Random Jobs

  1. I once had a temp job where I put rubber bands around a stack of brochures. We sat on the side of a conveyor belt; there was about 5 of us on each side. I was young; they put me last. One lady before me talked with her hands- leaving me more than my share to band. Kind of like Lucy at the candy job. I think it was a 3 day job. My hands became raw. I was temp; the rest of the ladies were union. Ugh! I went to college, so I had much better jobs along the way to where I am now. Which is retired, and which I love. Enjoy your day.

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