A Customer Service Story

I recently downloaded the app for Checkers and Rally because doing so gave me a free burger. We decided to have Checker’s for dinner tonight. The app has the option to order ahead, so while my wife had a break from meetings I got her order and scheduled it for pick up this evening. My wife asked me to stop at the grocery store while I was out. I discovered at the grocer store that people are possibly even dumber than they were the last time I had to be around the general public. So, I was already on edge by the time I arrived to pick up my food.

I was about ten minutes early, so I was expecting to have to wait. What I wasn’t expecting was for them to tell me they had no record of my order. I parked and walked to the window. They showed me on their computer that there was no order for me. I showed them my email receipt that I had ordered food. They sad they couldn’t make the food because it wasn’t in their computer. They asked if there was a number on the email I could call. There was. I called it. Here is the conversation:

Me – explains the issue

Guy on phone – Asks if I ordered on the website.

Me – No I ordered on your app

Him – Which app? Door Dash, Uber Eats, Checkers App

Me, again – Your app. The Checkers App

Him – I can get the information and pass it on to someone who might refund your money in 3-4 business days

Me – So there’s no one who can fix the issue so I can get y food I paid for right now

Him – No

Me – So you’re telling me that I can’t have the food I paid for?

Him – We can refund your money in 3-4 day

Me – Fine. What do you need to know.

He starts asking me questions. I tell him the town the store is in. The only one in this town. I tell him. He asks me for the street address.

Me – I don’t know the street address. It’s your store. Can’t you look it up.

Him – I can’t file your complaint if you don’t tell me the street address.

Me – I guess I can look it up for you. Looks it up, gives him the address

By this point we both are ready to be off the phone I’m yelling all the answers and he does not really care if I ever get the issue fixed.

Meanwhile, at the store, the order finally comes through while I’m on the phone. The people at the store looked it up and discovered that order ahead orders won’t show up until a few minutes before pick up time. Had we known this at the start we would have known to just wait. They really thought my order was lost. I really thought my order was lost. We were happy to clear the matter up. We were all irritated with the guy on the phone.

The burger was good. They told me they got fresh beef out to make up or the confusion.

6 thoughts on “A Customer Service Story

  1. I stopped getting food from this type of fast-food restaurant years ago because they always got something wrong with my order. When I ordered it in person. I learned to check the whole order before walking away, but that got old and the food wasn’t good enough to take all that work. Your phone guy was so bad!

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