My Long Awaited Snow

The beginning

For the past few years I have been desperately awaiting my snow day. I love snow days and I hated my job. I kept waiting for that day when we would get the big snow and I could stay home to enjoy it. Of course, the snow comes a month after I left my job. It was going to snow but I had no job to get a break from and no kids at home to play with in the snow. I woke up Sunday to no snow on the ground, but eventually it did start to fall. I spent the day on the couch watching TV, reading, and watching the snow. It was going to be a two part storm. Sunday was the smaller beginning with the chance of major snow totals the next day if the storm hit perfectly. I didn’t want crazy amounts of snow. I just wanted enough to make it feel less like every other day.

The middle

As you can see from the picture above, we did not get any blockbuster snows. I woke up Monday to more ice than snow. There was nothing to shovel. My driveway was just a solid sheet of ice. My old place of work was closed. They got my snow day. My day was pretty much like all of my days. The only change was a walk outside a few times to see if I could scrape the ice off the driveway. My wife worked from home as usual. There was nothing special about the day. There was a slight hope of bigger snows that afternoon. I only had freezing rain. It eventually turned to snow again, but not early enough.

The end

Above is the final result of the snow. It was a decent amount, but a little disappointing since they had talked about a possible foot of snow or more if the storm hit properly. It wasn’t enough to justify my days after Sunday being any different than any other day. That’s the downside of my current normal. If you are home all day every day there is no reason for a snow to change anything unless there is enough to sill your day with shoveling My former coworkers got two snow days. I didn’t even get enough snow to shovel.

The sun is out now and we are expecting a warm up. The possible storm for this weekend has trended away from us now. The midweek possibility also seems to be gone. We are vey close to the point where I’m just ready for spring weather. At least then I can sit outside to write and I will have yard work to fill my days.


6 thoughts on “My Long Awaited Snow

  1. I think we got more than you did, but not much more. Out where I’m moving, they got quite a bit more. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get up the driveway tomorrow, as it still has patches of ice. Maybe I can dodge around them without spinning out.

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