Am I Ready for the Post Pandemic World?

I just read this article from Drew Magary. He talks about going to DC to do a self guided walking tour and how he was not ready to be out and about even outside where everyone was wearing masks. He says this tells him he won’t be ready to fully embrace post pandemic life when it is possible.

I’m learning it’d be unwise to shock my system back to life in The After.
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It made me think about how I will react to post pandemic life. I am different than Drew in that I have worked outside of the house during the pandemic. I have driven to Kentucky and back. I also didn’t really do much outside of the house before the pandemic anyway so I wouldn’t rush out to do all the things.

I might not rush out to take long plane rides full of strangers. I might not rush out to a packed indoor concert. I would go see family in Kentucky. I would get together with friends. I would take some day trips to cities nearby.

I don’t think my senses would be overwhelmed or that I would have a panic attack. It will probably feel weird, but I think it will be a good weird. A freeing weird. I hope it comes sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “Am I Ready for the Post Pandemic World?

  1. It will probably take me a while because I haven’t been doing much since I stopped working in mid-March. I will hope that it’s okay to travel in May, the new time for my trek to Brooklyn to meet the grandson. I’m not sure it will be, but you never know. I’ll be driving and staying in an apartment while I’m there, but I’ll have to be able to go out to the grocery store or the laundromat to help the new parents. That’s the sticky area. Even if I’m vaccinated, which I should be by then, I won’t necessarily be free from anxiety.

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