Winning the Lottery

Both the Powerball and Mega Millions are at ridiculously high jackpots right now. High enough that when I was out picking up books and DVDs from the library yesterday I bought one of each. I’ve written before about what I would do if I won the lottery. I decided to once again revisit my list to see what has changed. I will skip the dumb first steps I had listed before and assume it is obvious that I would sign the ticket and have my wife, the CPA, manage the money.

  1. Claim the money quick because I would be afraid I would lose the ticket – this is still the same. I would be filled with anxiety until I actually claimed the money. Even if the ticket was in a safe place I would still constantly go to the worst case scenario. I don’t know how people wait so long to clam the money.
  2. Remain Anonymous – My state is one of the state where you an remain anonymous. I would definitely do this. I would not want to deal with what comes with everyone knowing you have won millions of dollars. I’m sure family and “friends” would all find a reason to “reconnect” after the announcement.
  3. Never Have a Job Again – This one was “quit my job”. I’ve already done that. The money would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about eventually finding a new job. I could instead focus on finding volunteer opportunities and places to do good. This also helps with #2 as I would not suspiciously quit my job after someone won the lottery.
  4. Trust Funds for the Kids – I would want to set it up in a way that encourages them to still be productive members of society. I don’t think my kids would become lazy rich people if they had a lot of money. That’s my job. I just wouldn’t want to encourage any thoughts of quitting school or jobs because of the money.
  5. Help Family – I would probably want to give my siblings enough that they would never have to worry about money again. I’m such a nice person.
  6. Car? – I had a better car on the list before, but now I’m not sure I would buy one. My car is fine and gets me where I need to be. I would buy my daughter a better car. The rest of us have relatively new ones. I would be tempted to hire a car to take me places. I don’t really enjoy driving.
  7. House Stuff – I don’t feel the need to have a mansion. I would just fix some things I don’t like about the current house. I would make the basement a much more pleasant place. Add a bar. Buy a giant TV and nice furniture. Make it the place we would use whenever we can have guests again.
  8. Second House – On new addition to the list is a second house somewhere warm. This January in isolation would be a lot easier if I was doing it at a house with a private beach area.
  9. Eventually Travel in Style – I really miss travel. I can’t wait until I can do it again. With millions I would upgrade to first class on long flights. I would take a train trip across the country. No reason to buy a mansion if I want to be on the go a lot.
  10. Splurge Responsibly – Fancy dinners. Spontaneous nights at fancy hotels. Last minute trips. The freedom and means to buy or do something just for fun.
  11. Charity – I would donate to charities once I made sure the money was being used properly.

It’s nice to dream about this. In a couple of days I will be a loser and will go back to the real world.

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