The Proposal Story

I follow a lot of reporters for the Washington Post on Twitter. One of them is Lisa Bonos who writes about dating and being single in the DC area. The articles don’t apply to me but Lisa did a program for me at the library so I always look at her posts. Not too long ago there was a lot of talk about Pete Buttigieg and his airport proposal. There was the question: Are airports romantic? All of that made me think of when I proposed to my wife in a very unromantic place – a parking lot. How did we get there? Keep reading to find out.

The idea of me proposing was not a surprise. We had been dating for a while. We had talked about marriage. We had looked at rings together. We already knew who we wanted as a wedding photographer(a mutual friend from college). All that remained was the actual purchase of the ring and the proposal.

I went back to the jewelry store and bought the ring she liked. I waited and thought about the perfect time and place for the proposal. I’m not good at stuff like that, so I decided on a night and decided we would go out for dinner and I would propose there. I told her to pick any place she wanted for dinner. I forgot that she would not pick any place fancy. I was hoping at least for a place that would not be a terrible choice for a romantic event like a marriage proposal. She decided she wanted to go to a new pizza place that has just opened. It wasn’t optimal, but I held out hope that it would be a romantic enough atmosphere for toe proposal.

It wasn’t It was very bright. The tables were very close together. It was way too casual for a proposal. I spent the dinner trying to decide what to do. Do I go ahead and propose there regardless of the atmosphere? Do I wait for another night and a better place? Can the plan be salvaged? I ultimately decided against proposing in the restaurant. It was loud. It was bright. People were sitting way too close. It was not optimal.

As we left the restaurant I decided that I still wanted to propose that night. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I was going to lose my nerve. We had already basically decided we were getting married at some point. So, since I decided tonight was the night, before we got to the car I said(not sure of this is the exact wording, but close)

“I really wish you had chosen a different place for dinner because now I’m going to have to propose to you in a pizza place parking lot”

She overlooked the very unromantic location(and all of my flaws) and said yes. And here we are – married for almost 29 years.

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