Tater the Wandering Drunk

Thought I had a blog post for today. Decided I didn’t. Please enjoy this Best of Tater post. There may be no new content until after the first of the year.

The World's Common Tater

This post was on my mind last night for some reason. I fixed some terrible spelling errors that I missed the first time. I have not wandered drunk lately. I was in DC last night in an area where a lot of people were out and having fun. Maybe it was thinking that the punk kids from the second story would have been more fun than the Baptist kids I ended up spending my college days with. Who knows. Enjoy the stories of me wandering off while drunk.

On day 7 of my month of Tater I’ve decided to tell two stories of the time I wandered off while intoxicated. One of these came up while I was at my high school reunion in the summer and the other is one that pops in my mind every now and then. The first one is just an amusing story. The second…

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