Saturday Question – Best Front Person of a Band Not Included in the Title of the Band

Yesterday LA on Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50 posed the following

Top five top front person of a band whose name is not included in the title of the band.

I decided I would think about it and post mine today. Of course, I didn’t really think about it so I will be doing this off the top of my head. Feel free to join in in the comments

  • Freddie Mercury – Queen
  • Brian Wilson – The Beach Boys
  • Steven Tyler – Aerosmith
  • Phil Collins – Genesis
  • Steve Perry – Journey

I’m probably missing a lot of older bands, but that’s my list.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Question – Best Front Person of a Band Not Included in the Title of the Band

  1. when I did mine I wanted to be as different as possible plus you can’t use a band that features that person’s name in the title…So here is my second 5….John Lydon Public Image Limited, Mick Jones Big Audio Dynamite, Syd Barret Pink Floyd, John Doe X, Perry Farrell Jane’s Addiction

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  2. Cass Elliott — Mamas and the Papas
    Felix Cavaliere — Young Rascals
    Eric Clapton — Cream
    Mick Jagger — Rolling Stones
    Chrissie Hynde — The Pretenders

    I’m obviously from a different era.

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  3. Roger Daltrey——The Who
    Grace Slick—-Jefferson Airplane
    Mickey Thomas—-Jefferson Starship
    Maurice White—-Earth, Wind and Fire
    Diana Ross—-The Supremes
    David Ruffin—-The Temptations
    Levi Stubbs—-The Four Tops

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