My Year in Blogging 2020

I’m not sure I will post much more before the end of the year so I’m going to go ahead and recap my year in blogging. First, the stats:

Total views: 12,016

Visitors: 6282

Likes: 3608

Comments: 773

Top views by location:

  • United States – 8169
  • India – 1262
  • United Kingdom – 825
  • Canada – 267
  • United Arab Emirates – 172

I wrote 303 posts and 98.5 thousand words for an average of 325 words per post.

Here are my top five posts:

Every End is a Beginning – The post where I announced I was leaving my job and why.

A High School Rex Chapman Story – In which I talk about the time former basketball player and now Twitter celebrity played against my hometown team in high school and we got in trouble for harassing him. It seems like it might become one of those posts that randomly gets views forever.

Band Names – My sometimes updated post where I keep a list of phrases I hear that I think would make a good band name. My dream is that some day a band will use one of them and become famous. I wonder if I should make it a page instead of a post so it is easier to find?

Taking a Step – In which I talk about making the call to start therapy for the first time in my life. My therapist has since left his job. I must be really bad.

Live Like You Were Dying – This was actually written right before the pandemic and was prompted by the sudden death of someone I knew from high school. It means even more to me now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Think about your life and how you are living it. Life is too short.

Thanks for reading this year. Here’s to a better 2021.

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