Tater’s 2020 in TV

This is not a best shows of 2020 post. This is the highlights of what I watched on TV regardless of the year of the show. I watched a mix of old and new this year. Here are my most memorable.

Tiger King – I followed everyone else into the tiger King craze. I probably would not have watched it without the pandemic. it would have been one of those shows that I always meant to get to but never would. Even with the pandemic, I’m not sure I would have watched has my son not come home for a few days. We watched together when he was too sick to do much else. It was a fascinating look at world I didn’t know existed. It is worth watching.

Community – A show I missed when it aired. I decided to use the time at home to watch since my son talked about it so much. I cant believe I waited so long. A great show with a great cast that rarely had a bad episode. I think I could have done without the last season.

Outer Banks – I watched this one at the suggestion of my brother, It is a teen adventure show that revolves around the disappearance of one of the main kid’s dad and a legendary missing treasure. We got hooked fast and watched every night until we were done with the first season. Another great cast.

The Next Step – A Canadian teen dance drama that we like way more than we should. We are on season 6 now. I miss the original cast, but I still enjoy the show We watched at the recommendation of our daughter and my wife is hooked. I wrote about it here

Cobra Kai – I am a big fan of the Karate Kid movies. I was skeptical of this show, but heard good things so we gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that the episodes are short so it was easy to binge. I love the throwbacks to the movie. I love the nuance where no one is fully a villain or a hero(with one exception). I can’t wait for season three.

The Goldbergs – Another old one I missed. I needed a half hour show to watch during my lunch breaks. I decided to give it a shot. I’m now on season six. As an 80’s kid I love the references to things from my childhood. It’s funny. It has heart. It is the perfect family sitcom.

Ted Lasso – An Apple TV I would have missed if not for all the praise. The basic premise – a college football coach from Kansas is hired to coach a soccer team in England. It’s funny. It has heart. It is just the show I needed in 2020.

Hart of Dixie – A fun little dramedy about a NYC doctor who move to a small town in Alabama when she’s told she needs to spend time as a general practitioner to learn how to relate better to patients. When she arrives she discovers she was offered the job because the owner of the practice is her real dad who has since died and left his half of the practice to her. Great cast. Fun show. A nice way to spend an afternoon. I miss it and wish there were more seasons.

Old episodes of Survivor and Amazing Race – We were fortunate to have the new Survivor season during the beginning of lockdown. We got a new Amazing Race this fall. In between we watched old episodes of both on Hulu. Heroes vs Villains. Fans vs Favorites. The first seasons of some of our favorite players. Rob and Amber’s Amazing Race season. Colin and Christie’s first season of Amazing Race. It was a good way to spend time while stuck at home.

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but those are the ones that jumped out at me this morning.

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