Year in Review Posts

Welcome readers to a post where I write about what I might write. Exciting stuff, huh?

Several sites have started posting their best of 2020 lists. It made me start to think about my year in review posts I generally write. The ones that I will definitely do:

My 2020 in review – Highlights from my year. It will be very thin this year. I might do it on Monday since I doubt anything exciting is going to happen over the next few weeks.

My year in reading – Coming January 1 or so – I will use Goodreads for stats on books and pages read. I will go through my list to try to figure out my top ten books I read over the year and which one I would most recommend.

My year in blogging – Maybe next week I usually take a break from posting over the holidays, so I can write thus one early and not much will change. It will be stats on views and such, a look where visitors come from and which posts were the most viewed. Riveting stuff.

Ones I might write:

My year in TV – I might try to think about what I’ve watched and do a top ten list. It won’t be top ten new in 2020. It would be the best of what I’ve watched in 2020.

My year in movies – Again would be what I watched, not necessarily new stuff. I’m not sure I can remember enough to make a decent post.

I don’t listen to enough new music to do a music post.

So, my questions to you – Do you like year in review posts? Do you write them? Any other year in review posts you would like to see?


9 thoughts on “Year in Review Posts

      1. Normally I can’t. But this was a review post, so it was better done ahead. I compared influencer book club picks (Reese, Jenna, GMA and BN) so writing it the morning of, and choosing the books would have been frustrating. I’ll probably do all my review posts in advance

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  1. I enjoy reading year in review posts; all of yours are always interesting to me. I don’t normally do one myself, but I may do my year of stitching this year, since I stitched a lot more because I wasn’t working or going anywhere.

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  2. I love to see what other people are watching, reading and listening to. It’s fun and interesting to talk about. And this again is another reason why I’m not on twitter

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