My DVR Problem

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Some backstory first: It is always hard to convince my wife to upgrade to newer technology. I think she still misses her government issued Blackberry. It took some time to convince her that upgrading to HD TV was a good idea, especially for people who watch a lot of sports. The sane was true for moving from a VCR to a DVR. She didn’t see the point. The VCR still worked fine. We had plenty of tapes to use for recording. What was the point of the upgrade? It took some time, but I think what finally convinced her was the fact that she could pause live TV. This was the deciding factor because she loves Kentucky basketball and now she could pause the game if she needed to do something.

Now the problem

With the DVR, I rarely watch live TV. Even if I want to watch a show when it is on, I will wait to start it so I can skip the commercials. I have two exceptions for this: reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race and live sports. I specifically want to watch Kentucky basketball live for various reasons. If I don’t watch live I have to avoid all social media until I watch the game. That’s hard for me. Especially when I am bored waiting for her to be ready to watch the game. I also like to look at Twitter during the games for insight and on site information from the people covering the game. Unfortunately, with the DVR it is easy for my wife to not be ready to watch the game on time. Sometimes it is because she is at work and doesn’t want to leave to get on an earlier train. Sometimes, like yesterday, she us shopping and will take her time because she knows I will record the game and wait for her. She has no problem watching everything on delay. She sees no problem with it and doesn’t get why I’m irritated with it.

I’ve created a monster.


5 thoughts on “My DVR Problem

  1. I hate commercials, but I like watching live because it’s the whole avoid social media thing. Like This is Us…you can’t look at Facebook until you’ve watched an episode

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  2. I know my sister uses her DVR a lot. I don’t have a DVR though, and I’m not sure I want to spring for one at this time. If they have one already hooked up at their guest house that I’ll be living in, then I’ll probably use it when I watch network shows. I’m so used to not having commercials, I know it will drive me nuts if I have to watch them when I finally have access to those.

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