What’s Good in Tater Town 11/29/20

I am now less than two weeks away from the big change. It’s finally starting to feel real. Hopefully, that means I find more good in my weeks soon. Here’s the list for this week.

  1. Lunch from our favorite local cafe Sunday.
  2. We had really nice weather all week.
  3. It was a holiday week so I had fewer days dealing with the bad at work.
  4. College basketball started this week.
  5. I spent time with both kids this week.
  6. We don’t travel or have guests for Thanksgiving so we didn’t have to alter our normal plans.
  7. We started our Christmas season by watching Year Without a Santa Claus and Home Alone.
  8. The outside Christmas lights are up.

I feel like there was more, but since I didn’t make note of them when they happened I have forgotten them.

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