What’s Good in Tater Town 11/22/20

It was a week where every day reminded me that I had made the right decision regarding my future. I still haven’t quite made it to the stage where I feel relief. I think that will come once I get past this week. Let’s see if I can remember the good from the week.

  1. I’m one week closer to getting rid of the biggest stress in my life.
  2. I saw my son this week.
  3. Free coffee at Wawa Tuesday.
  4. Our window installation is finally pretty much done.
  5. I’m reading more lately.
  6. I volunteered at a Toys for Tots event yesterday.
  7. They gave me free lunch for doing so.

That’s all I can recall. Looking forward to a holiday week and then the final stretch of my life at the terrible job.

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