The Day After

I gave up on watching the results at 11 last night. I knew nothing would be decided so I might as well get some sleep. I was hoping for a little more clarity when I woke up this morning. It looks like it might be a few days before we know who is the next president. I knew it was coming, but the stress and anxiety of the election added to my normal stress and anxiety, likely heightened by phone calls today that will stress me out even more is not good. I need non-work distraction. Some random thoughts:

We should all want every vote to be counted even if they are votes for the candidate we don’t like.

Counting votes after the polls close is a normal and legal thing.

Mail in votes are valid votes.

No matter what is happening now, our laws have a process in place for someone to become president in January.

Our country is still divided and will continue to be divided no matter the results. We need to work on figuring out how to fix this.


7 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. You’ve hit it exactly…we are still divided and we need to work on that. But unless people wake up and realize that we have to learn to compromise, we will never progress. We will just stay in the same place forever

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  2. I’m feeling the exact same anxiety brother and I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve just said. We need to understand the why – we need to come together again. Wishing you peace and strength in the days ahead 🙏

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  3. My anxiety level is the same as it has been. I have a sense of impending doom. I am not watching the election results. It doesn’t matter. So I went to the library (it’s a diversion for me, unlike for you) and got a couple of books and a couple of DVDs. I plan to do some needlepoint while I watch a DVD. More of the same tomorrow.

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