Do You Have an Online Plan?

A second person I knew online only from FriendFeed died recently. It made me think of this and the fact that I still haven’t told anyone my passwords in case anything happened to me.

I recently found out that someone I only knew online passed away.  We followed each other on Twitter, but did not communicate much there. We had both been active users of Friendfeed before Facebook bought and killed it. I didn’t really know him, but we he was one of the people on Friendfeed I could count on interacting with my posts. If not for a post on yet another social media site, I might have never known about his death. It’s possible that others I have known online have passed and I missed the news for various reasons.

This made me think – how would people know if something happened to me(I’m pretending here that random people online would care). Facebook friends would be easy. That is a more personal place for me and the majority of the people there are real life friends and family. I’m sure someone in my family would post something and tag me and then people who didn’t already know would know. I’m not really active anywhere else online except for posting here. I do wonder, though, if I should have something in place for the blog. Maybe I should give someone my password so they could post any news that I would be unable to post myself. I would hate to think that my blog would go quiet and no one would ever know why. Hopefully, this will not be something I need to worry about for years, but the death of my online connection put it in my mind.

So, my question for you – do you have someone who is tasked to post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc if something were to happen to you? If you blog, do you have a plan in place for someone to post if something were to happen to you? Do you prefer not to think about such things?


17 thoughts on “Do You Have an Online Plan?

  1. I created a “just in case” file several years ago with all of my user names and passwords to everything to give to my daughter and husband. It was more of a practical thing as all of our bills are paid through my checking account and PayPal electronically and if something happened to me unexpectedly they would need access. The husband didn’t want to discuss it, but the daughter made notes and made sure she understood my wishes as far as my online “footprint” was concerned.

    In this digital age, I think it is important to have a plan in place. More so for the nuts and bolts of bill payment etc. but also for the flotsam of social media.

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    1. We’ve traveled overseas a few times without at least one of the kids, so we have all of the financial stuff settled. I’m not sure I will bother having someone post here on the blog if anything happened.


  2. I remember there was a guy I followed on here and he passed away. His sister posted on his page to inform his readers. In hindsight, his posts leading up to his death were signs. Unfortunately you can never know what mind someone may be in and you can only offer kind words over the internet. It was sad to hear. He was a big personality on here and he is missed.

    If I die, I supposed only people on my FB would know. I never thought about letting people know on here.


    1. I’m not sure I will give anyone passwords to post something here. I’m not sure I know anyone who would think it was important enough to consider. Facebook will be covered because I have a lot of friends and family who would say something. Not sure anyone else online would care too much.


  3. I had a similar thought this past week. It wasn’t a death but a hospitalization. My best friend ended up in the hospital early in the week, and I’d been out of touch pretty much because I was out of the country and didn’t opt for an international phone plan. I didn’t find out for several days, and only because I texted her to find out the answer to what now seems a pretty trivial question. My point is, she lives alone like me (has since her husband’s death last July). She, however, has Stage IV MBC. We usually talk and/or text a few times a day. I felt terrible that I didn’t know, which of course was compounded by being so far removed and unable to help. It really made me think about what she needs to do to make sure people know what’s happening if she’s incapacitated or, it will definitely happen sooner rather than later for her, dead. I don’t worry so much about me because I have friends and family who actually reach out to me by email or phone if they haven’t seen me active in certain online ways (it’s playing a game with my sister). But I do think I need to make sure someone can get into Facebook and Instagram to delete those accounts after people have been notified. My blog, though “active,” has been in intensive care for some time. I don’t think my absence would be noted that way.

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  4. I’m pretty active online so I have thought about an online plan. I have a notebook in my room with all my login info passwords to basically every site I use, which is helpful to me in case I ever forget a password, and I’ve also highlighted which ones I’d need someone to update should I pass unexpectedly. It’s mostly my blog, which would auto-post to Twitter and Tumblr, and a chat room with friends.


  5. Some people are so so prepared xD
    I am definitely not one of them. Never really considered this. I’ll just *poof* everywhere when I die. And snicker in my grave at the people wondering where I went 😜😅

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  6. Lol I would totally prep for this. I would want everyone to know! But my problem is I don’t have anyone I trust well enough to do that for me… 😟

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  7. That’s a really interesting question Ive never thought of. I don’t know if I remember my passwords…I hope my daughter would open up my computer and post something…ok…now I’m thinking…

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  8. That is a question that I have never thought of. I know I would want to know if something happened to my blogger friends whose post I read regularly. In fact I remember sending an email to a blogger friend when I did not see her post for a long time. She replied saying she was on a break. That reminds me that there are a couple of people who have not posted in a long time. I am heading to their Contact page to send them an email.
    I will ask my daughter to leave a note on my blog if something happened. And then when I don’t renew my bluehost account and pay for my domain name, i guess this domain name will be up for sale… Lol.. that sounds funny.

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