Halloween Through the Years

Repurposing this one for Wordless Wednesday. All of the photos TimeHop showed me of my kids on Halloween. They are adults now and Halloween likely will not be much fun this year.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Through the Years

      1. Yeah, I’ve always been working in the medical field. Where I work now is the first place I am guarenteed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day off. Before that I worked in hospitals so I worked all the holidays. This year I requested off for Halloween because I’ve missed so many and this is my husband’s favorite holiday (he might enjoy Christmas just as much but it doesn’t seem like it) so I wanted to hand out candy with him. I think that makes me weird… but I’ve always been working so it’s something new for us. 🙂

        Do you work where you could possibly get little trick or treaters at your job?


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