The Mysterious Package

At work yesterday we were talking about how checking the mail used to be more exciting because you would get letters and now it is all bils and junk mail. It reminded me of the story below so I told it to my coworker and she said I should post in on the blog, so here it is.

My first job in the state of Maryland was with the Department of Education in the Correctional Education department. I’ve written a few stories about my time at the prisons(it’s possible I mentioned this story in one of those posts but I have new followers so I will risk a repeat), but most of my time was spent in an office at the Department of Education in downtown Baltimore. I was on the same floor as the Secretary of Education for the state so I had to wear a tie every day and be aware that at any time Dr Grasmick might appear with some sort of VIP.

One day I received a call from the desk in the lobby telling me I had a package and needed to come sign for it. It seemed odd, but I assumed it was related to my work an headed down to get it. I signed for it, took the envelope upstairs and opened it. I was shocked to discover that inside was Penthouse magazine. I had no idea why I was getting Penthouse delivered to me at work. I threw it away and went about my life. It happened again the next month and at least one more month after that. I didn’t know who was sending it or why, but I did know that it was not great that not only was I getting an adult magazine at work, but I was signing for it and leaving a paper trail. I did not want to have getting fired for subscribing to Penthouse at work to my record.

Eventually, I figured out why it was happening. The governor had recently decided that state prisons were no longer allowed to subscribe to magazines like Penthouse and Playboy so they were all canceled. One prison library kept receiving Penthouse and the librarian was afraid she would get in trouble so she sent them to us at headquarters. Unfortunately, if she told someone she was doing it, they neglected to tell me. I’m not sure why I was the name they chose for the package.

So, that is my story of the mysterious delivery of Penthouse magazine to my fancy Department of Education office I hope you enjoyed it.


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