There’s New TV Tonight!

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I generally post every day of the new TV season about what’s on TV that night. There will be no official start to the season thus year, so I will post if there are significant premieres. There are some tonight.

NBC has a new episode of American Ninja Warrior. I don’t watch it regularly, but it is a decent way to kill some time.

ABC had Monday Night Football. I’m so happy football is back.

CBS has a new episode of Love Island at 9 and Manhunt:Deadly Games at 10. Manhunt is the story of the Atlanta Olympic bombing.

FOX has LA’s Finest at 8 and Filthy Rich at 9. LA’s Finest is a Spectrum show that has already aired. It starts Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union as LA cops. It is a spinoff of Bad Boys with Gabrielle Union reprising her role as Syd Burnett, Martin Lawrence’s character’s sister.

Filthy Rich is a soap starring Kim Cattrall about a mega-rich Southern family who made their money with a Christian television network. When the founder dies, three family members he had written intothe will appear.

HBO has the second episodes of Third Day and We Are Who We Are. I still have not watched the first episodes.

There are new episodes of Love it or List It on HGTV.

It’s nice to have some new TV back.

5 thoughts on “There’s New TV Tonight!

  1. Ooo, yes, I could watch Love it or List It for hours on end! But, I don’t, because I don’t have HGTV. It makes it all the more special when we have a hotel stay! The Browns won, Thursday–1 and 1 is not a bad start to the season, where the Browns are concerned, so I’ll take it.

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