College and Corona

There is a lot in the news about colleges and corona. Campuses that have had large outbreaks and have sent students home. Colleges that have suspended in person learning. Colleges that are doing OK so far(not that they make the news). Debate about sending students home once there is an outbreak. I agree with Dr Fauci on that one. It makes no sense to send students back to multiple communities to spread the virus. It seems better to keep them on isolated on campus. I thought that was what my daughter’s school was doing until yesterday.

My daughter’s school has a Covid dashboard and one number they report is quarantine and isolation housing numbers. I had heard one story of someone who was possible exposed and was quarantining in an on campus apartment. It seemed like they were not sending them home. Then, yesterday, we received an email from the university with information on Covid procedures. In the letter it says that students who test positive should isolate at their permanent address unless there are extenuating It says the same for people who need to quarantine for contact with someone with Covid. So, her school has decided it makes sense to bring all the students to campus and then, once they get Covid or are exposed to Covid, send them off to their homes to infect their families. Smart move.

They also said this also pertains to students in off campus housing unless the University Health Center decides they are allowed to quarantine in place. I’m confused about how they think they have control over this. If a student is paying rent in a place not owned by the university how does the university get to decide if they an quarantine there? I have noticed that they seem to treat the apartments where my daughter lives like it is on campus housing. I guess because it is right across the street from campus and is basically all student residents. Still, I’m not sure how they can tell someone to vacate while they are still obligated to pay rent to a private company. I feel some lawsuits coming.

So, I guess if my daughter comes into contact with someone with Covid it will mean that I will also be in quarantine since I will have to drive her home and she will be in the same house as me.

Funny how we all say follow the science until the science says keep the students there and then we ignore it.


10 thoughts on “College and Corona

  1. So much for what Dr. Fauci (and the science, as you note) says. I’m sure the colleges don’t want to deal with the liability, but they have lots of insurance and the families of the students … who knows.

    We have handled this so damned poorly.

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  2. So many rule and regulations made on the fly to try and contain this thing with seemingly little to zero thought put into it. Frustrating to say the least! All we can do is our best to manage our lives around it all. Hopefully we will find a way out soon. Wishing you and your family the best. Stay safe, AP2 🙏

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  3. Sending kids home to spread the infection to their families makes absolutely no sense. All it says to me is that the schools can’t figure out a way to make sure they’re actually quarantining themselves on campus. It’s easier to send them home and let somebody else worry about it. I’m so glad Jane’s no longer in school. Of course, she’s pregnant and living in Brooklyn, so there’s that entirely different source of worry and anxiety for her, her husband, me, her father, and his parents. Because we all want a very successful outcome in January.

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    1. Really it seems like the colleges just wanted to bring people back to charge them for everything and then send them home. if they can do so in a a way that blame the student they can justify no refunds.


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