An Odd Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is a big event at our house. Well, at least for two of us. I don’t think my son cares and my wife refuses to watch horse racing because she’s afraid something bad will happen to a horse.

My daughter and I always watch. Even when we are in different places we watch while texting. We watch the horses walk out and pick our winner based on how they look on the walk. We refuse pick the favorite because that’s too easy. We would love to pick the actual winner, but the real goal is for my horse to beat her horse. We do the same for the Preakness and Belmont.

It’s already odd that the Belmont has ready happened. It’s odd that Derby day is bringing the end of summer when it is usually one of the harbingers of summers return. It will be odd not to see all of the people in their hats.

It’s odd, but I’m looking forward to it for the same reason I hope football can happen. I need normal. The rest of my life is not normal and may not be for a long time. The Derby, football and fantasy football will help get a little normal in my life.


One thought on “An Odd Derby Day

  1. I used to love to watch. I can’t now because I dropped my TV service and my crappy HD antenna doesn’t receive NBC. They make it so that you can’t watch unless you have a TV service or pay. So I’ll watch a post-race version.

    One more incentive to get one of the new smart TVs with Roku.

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