Why So Long?

I saw a tweet today that said “Your TV episode doesn’t need to be 67 minutes long. I had been thinking about a post on this lately. That prompted me to go ahead and write it.

Movies are too damn long. Most movies these days are two hours or longer. Some movies need to be that long to tell the entire story. Most don’t. I liked Bad Boys for Life, but it didn’t need to be over two hours long. I’m old and tired. If I start even a short movie too late I’m likely to fall asleep. As movies get longer I have to convince my wife to start movies earlier. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can go back to the nice, easy 90 minute comedy or action movie. I’m so happy when I get a movie and see it is barely over 90 minutes long. For me that is a perfect length for a movie just meant to entertain. As we get closer to two hours in comedy and action movies the more I want to just let myself fall asleep. It usually means there have been unnecessary scenes that made my interest lag. I’m more likely to start looking at my phone or “rest my eyes.” I don’t know why movies are trending longer, but I don’t like it.

The same has happened with books. Thrillers and mysteries can run over 400 pages. Sometimes it seems the more popular an author gets the less likely the editor is to cut unneeded pages I don’t mind reading long books. I’ve read plenty of books that run 800 pages or longer. I just think some books could be edited to a more reasonable size without hurting the story.

I don’t necessarily mind the longer TV show, but it is nice to have a good 20-40 minute show to watch on Netflix.

Maybe I’m just old and cranky. Maybe things need better editing Maybe both.

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5 thoughts on “Why So Long?

  1. While scrolling through the movie options on Netflix and Prime, I find myself checking the length whenever something sounds like a possibility. I groan when It’s more than 2 hours and am more likely to pass it by unless it’s got something incredible going for it.

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