Assumptions and the Movie Bad Boys

As I mentioned in my weekly recap we watched the movie Bad Boys For Life this week. We have been fans of the Bad Boys franchise since the first movie was released. Here is a story of our trip to see the first movie on opening night and some assumptions I made that were faulty.

When the movie was released we had just moved to Maryland. I didn’t really know much about the area. We decided we wanted to go see the movie and didn’t know anything about theaters in the area. As is usual, my wife made the decision on where to go based on which theater would be the cheapest. The conversation about how early to get there is where I made some faulty assumptions.

My wife wondered if we should get there early to make sure we the movie wasn’t sold out. That is odd as she is always the one who is late. Also, odd – me being the one saying we didn’t need to be too early My reasoning:

Look around. We are surrounded by a bunch of white people. Do you really think the are all going to rush to see a movie starring two black sitcom actors? They will go to a boring movie with white people in it. I was convincing enough that we didn’t worry about any lines. There were two problems with my reasoning:

  1. The movie made a lot of money. Obviously white people did go see the movie. I don’t know if they went opening night or if they went after they heard how good it was. I guess in that case maybe I should have given the boring white people around us a little more credit.
  2. Just because all the people around us were boring white people it didn’t mean that the neighborhood where we were driving was full of boring white people. We actually drove into an area that had a very large black population. The theater had a huge line of people buying tickets to see Bad Boys. I thought there was no way we would get tickets. We got in line, got tickets and watched the movie. We were the only white people in the theater, so maybe my first assumption wasn’t so wrong.

So, that is my story of how we almost didn’t get tickets to see Bad Boys because I assumed suburbia was full of boring white people.


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