My Week in Books, TV, and Movies 8/21/20

This was the last week where my viewing was based on what I watch with my daughter. We move her into her apartment near campus today. Next week starts my sad times of once again watching a lot of TV alone.

Movies – I watched two movies this week. The first was Invincible, which I watched alone on my furlough day. I had seen it before, but I needed what Disney Plus calls an “inspirational sports movie” so I picked this one to watch again. I still liked it a lot but Remember the Titans still stands as my favorite of that genre. We also watched Bad Boys For Life. We both really liked the first two movies and were excited to watch this one. If you liked the first two or you are a fan of action movies/buddy comedies you will enjoy this one. For a good portion of the movie I thought they were setting it up to be the end of the series, but then they left it open for another one at the end. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Soon maybe I will write about the funny miscalculation involved in the time we watched the first one when it was in theaters.

TV – As I mentioned above, this was the last week that our TV viewing was driven by our daughter. We finished the season of Survivor we were watching. It was sad when we realized this week that we didn’t have time to consider watching another season. We caught up on Yellowstone, but now she will be gone when the season finale airs. We watched some episodes of Killer Camp. It is a British reality where the contestants think it is a summer camp theme and are surprised to find out it is a mystery game and one of them is a killer. They have to figure out who the killer is before they are all dead. They compete in challenges along the way for cash and immunity from death. We enjoyed it, but didn’t have time to finish. We also watched more of The Next Step. That will also be put on hold for a while.

Books – I read one book this week – The Bursar’s Wife by EG Rodford. I ran out of library books, so I browsed the books on my bookshelf at home for ARCS and other random books I have collected and never read. This was the winner. The author is a pseudonym for an award winning author. I looked then up hoping their real name was revealed somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. It is the first book in a planned series about private detective George Kocharyan. He gets by mostly on cheating spouses cases. We are introduced to him as he is telling a man that he has proof his wife is meeting strange men for sex n a car park. He is divorced and starting to consider dating again. He has one woman who works for him part time and he occasionally uses her son to help when he needs someone younger for a case. He is hired by the bursar’s wife to follow her daughter. We discover that George’s dad worked at the college and he never goes near there. The woman from the first case is murdered and soon it seems the two cases might be linked. It was noting award winning, but I liked it. I would read more in the series, but unfortunately there is only one more and I can’t find it anywhere. I guess sales were not great.

On deck – I fell asleep while my wife and daughter were watching Little Women. I might try to finish it one morning this weekend while my wife is still asleep. I also have The Invisible Man on DVD. TV will now be catching up on the TV my wife and I watch alone. We have quite a bit saved up since there have been three of us in the house since March. I will need to find some stuff to watch alone while I’m up in the morning an my wife is still sleeping or when I get home from work and she still works for an hour or two. I do have the first episode of Lovecraft Country to watch. I am reading The Third Twin by CJ Omololu. It was another book I found on the shelves at home. I think it belongs to my daughter.

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