Yet Another School Update

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I claimed I was going to back off from writing about my life so much, but this is another update to the posts School Limbo and School Update.

In the last school posts, my daughter’s on-campus housing was canceled and we scrambled to find her a place to live near campus. Campus is within commuting distance, but she really didn’t want to keep doing online school at home with her parents. It turns out the scrambling on the day housing was canceled was not that necessary. Her school announced that most classes would remain online for the fall semester. Only around 20% would be in person. My daughter is the only one in her friend group that had one class scheduled to be in person. Once people found out their classes would be online plenty of options came along for living near or on campus as students were now trying to get rid of leases to stay at home.  Many students are mad that they are not being let out of leases for on-campus apartments. There are plenty of housing options now.

Today’s update is that any in-person instruction will be delayed at least 2 weeks. Classes will start at the end of this month as scheduled, but they will all be online. They are requiring students have proof of a negative test before moving to campus and then requiring another test once they are there. They are supposed to quarantine until they get the on-campus test back. They are also being asked to stay in their rooms as much as possible for the first two weeks so they can assess the status after all of the test results. Not exactly a fun way to start college. I have suspected that the big reason they had not already done this was football. It is easier to justify football if the rest of the students are on campus. Now that football is likely not happening it is easier to delay everything.

Not much will change for my daughter. She still moves into her apartment next week. She will get tested as we expected. Her one in-person class will start online and might remain there. She will possibly spend more time with her new roommates vs her friends on campus for the first two weeks.

I really miss normal.

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