My First Seven Jobs

This one popped up in my memories. Looking back, I Miss how much I loved working at the library at UK. Great people that made the job fun. I also miss the freedom of having a job like the newspaper job where I depended on no one but myself. After the newspaper job, I worked at a market research job until we moved here and I started library work. Now I want to go back to just having a job, not a career.

So, this whole first seven jobs thing has been floating around and I’ve considered doing it, but never got around to it. I was just going to post a list, but a friend just posted hers on Facebook with narrative, so I decided to do that as well here. So, here they are:

  1.  Ohio County Board of Education – I’m not sure what the actual job title was. It was part of the summer youth jobs program. I was placed here two summers in a row. We took delivery of textbooks, stamped them with their number for tracking, counted out the proper number for each school, and then delivered them to the schools. Not a bad summer job. All I remember from this job is remembering that I was still weird and awkward around adults.
  2. Commons Grill at UK – Not sure if that was the real name of the place. It was on campus near or in the Blanding/Kirwin complex.  I was the guy who retrieved the food when it was ready. I didn’t cook anything or work the register. I occasionally scooped ice cream as well. I had issues with management because they didn’t think school obligations were more important than work. I was in a theater class at the time and had to attend plays as part of the class. They would schedule me during those times, my coworkers wouldn’t trade shifts, so I didn’t show up. Not the best way to be as an employee, but I cared about school more than the job. I would post my written reprimands on my wall in the dorm. Needless to say, I did not return the following semester.
  3. Houseboy at a Sorority – I can’t remember the name of the sorority. I served dinner and washed dishes after. I only have vague memories of this job and can’t say if I was a better employee there than I was at the grill.  I do remember one night when I was the only one there and the person in charge was annoyed that I couldn’t do the work as fast alone as I could with help. I remember some of the girls from the house coming back to help me with dishes when they realized I was alone.
  4. Resident Janitor and the Baptist Student Center – I cleaned the building in exchange for a basement apartment. I enjoyed living where I already spent a lot of time, I enjoyed my friends always being around but I did not enjoy being a janitor. I also don’t think I was very good at it. I left after one school year.
  5. Circulation Department, King Library, UK –  While working at the above job, I decided I also needed a job that paid actual money, so I applied for more campus jobs. I was afraid that I would not be hired because of my time at the grill, but it didn’t take long for the library to call me for an interview. The department that called was the periodicals department. I went up to periodicals and they asked me to go get my application and come back. Turns out the circulation department had also pulled my application, so I went there to pick it up. When I went in to get it, they told me that I really didn’t want to work in periodicals because I would be happier working for them. We talked, they gave me the schedule I wanted and hired me on the spot. I then had to go tell the periodicals person that I would not be interviewing because I got another job while looking for my application for the interview there. This was the first job I had where I felt like I was actually good at what I was doing. I liked most of the other student workers, I liked the non-student staff and I enjoyed the work. They liked me as well and eventually I was the in-charge student on Sunday nights. They liked me so much that when they couldn’t give me full-time hours in the summer due to budget cuts, they found me jobs in other departments to supplement my hours so I wouldn’t quit. So, I count my time in the campus mailroom and the distant learning department as part of this job. The only reason I left was because my wife graduated and got a real job in Cincinnati. It’s possible I would have stayed there forever had we stayed in Lexington.
  6. Page at Boone County Library – During my time at the above job, I realized I was not a good teacher and changed my major to communications with the goal of going to grad school to get an MLS. While doing that, I needed a job in the Cincy area. Boone County was the first to hire me. I didn’t get a lot of hours and didn’t make a lot of money, but I did get my first experience working in a public library. They later took me on as an intern in the reference department.
  7. Single Issue Sales/Cincinnati Post – I needed more money than I was making at the library, so I left and delivered newspapers for the Post. I delivered a morning and afternoon edition to street racks and stores in downtown Cincinnati. I actually really enjoyed this job and was in great shape due to my decision to park and walk the streets with my papers instead of driving rack to rack. I was actually pretty good at this as well and made decent money. I also had to work holidays and weekends and eventually looked for a regular 9-5 job. And then I got fat.

4 thoughts on “My First Seven Jobs

  1. Reblogged this on The World's Common Tater and commented:

    I’m going to cheat on for day 9 of the month of Tater because I’m completely blank on what to say today. Since I wrote this last year, I’ve had a reason to mention the fact that I’ve been a janitor(not a very good one) and a newspaper delivery guy. My 8th job was at a market research firm where I called medical professionals and asked questions about medications. After that, I started my life as a librarian. Enjoy “classic Tater” and I will try to be back with a new episode tomorrow.


  2. Interesting idea – I must be out of touch, this is the first I’ve heard of it. My first seven:
    1. Janitor for a real estate company where my stepfather worked, first cleaning up a small shopping center after school and then also a couple of small office buildings on the weekend.
    2. Busboy at the worst buffet restaurant I ever saw. Used to have to shake down customers at the register who were trying to steal cutlery and salt shakers. I lasted a month – glad I held onto the janitor job.
    3. Marine Corps for 20 years, doing a whole bunch of things, in as a private at 17 and retired as a captain at 37. Still one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks to the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance Program, I went in with a HS diploma and retired with three degrees.
    4. Psychotherapist at a nonprofit in Yuma, AZ, mainly cofacilitating an addiction treatment intensive outpatient program (IOP.).
    5. Co-author (with my IOP cofacilitator and later an Army psychologist) of some books on addiction treatment and therapy for veterans, active military, and military families.
    6. Psychotherapist at another nonprofit for children, this time back here in Albuquerque.
    7. Psychotherapist at the state Corrections Department, working in two prisons and teaching at the Corrections Academy.

    Later I also worked as a public health program manager for the state health department, doing contract administration and evidence-based training for county and tribal health councils working on local problems, mainly related to adolescent substance abuse, along with another stint as a therapist. Now I’m retired from all of the above, farting around with a military science fiction novel I’ve been trying to write for a few years now.

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  3. The first 7 jobs
    1. Ride Attendant/Operator Dorney Park 1987
    2. Ride Operator Dorney Park 1988
    3. Ride Operator/Break Giver/Ride Foreman Dorney Park 1989
    4. Stockboy, Spencer’s Gift 1989
    5. Theater Usher/Ticket Taker/Popcorn Maker 1989-1990
    6. Ball Bearing Factory/Telemarketing/Busboy & Room Service…Three places I can’t remember the names of lol 1990-1991
    7. Slicer/Fry Guy Arby’s 1991-1993

    I bounced around a lot from age 17-29
    I’ve been at the job I am at today since 1999

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