My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 8/7/20

I can’t believe it is already August. Seems odd to type that date. Here is my weekly recap of what I’ve read and watched this week.

Movies – We watched two movies this week. One was 1917. It is the story of two soldiers who are sent across enemy lines in WWI to deliver a message that will stop 1600 men from walking into a deadly trap. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had read some good reviews when it first came out but didn’t remember much about it. I thought it would be too slow for my wife. There was war action, but also a lot of time just walking. I think she might have liked it more than me. It was very tense and stressful. I would recommend it.

The other was the Disney original movie Upside Down Magic. I read and slept a little during it. What I saw looked OK. The actors were good. The story was good for a Disney movie. I’m sure the target audience enjoyed it.

TV – I have nothing groundbreaking to report on the TV front. My normal TV schedule these days looks like this:

If I wake up early on a non-work day I watch an episode of Shameless.

Watch an episode of The Gldbergs while eating lunch on work days.

After clocking out – watch old Amazing Race episodes with my daughter until Jeopardy. Watch Jeopardy

Watch The Next Step until I start to fall asleep and then doze on the couch while my daughter watches Criminal Minds.

That schedule will continue until she moves to her apartment in a couple of weeks.

Luckily, we have episodes of shows from last TV season still recorded so once she does move out we have some TV to watch. That’s good considering I don’t foresee any new shows coming this fall.

Books – I finished one book this week. It was Hearts Unbroken by Cynthia Leitich Smith. It is a YA romance book. Louise is a high school kid starting her senior year. She is taking a class that means she is on the staff of the school newspaper. She has just broken up with her boyfriend who is the most popular athlete in the school. She meets a new boy in the newspaper class who has just moved to the area. Her little brother is a freshman who tries out for the school play, The Wizard of Oz.  He wins the part of the Tin Man, but there is controversy. A powerful parent group is upset that white actors did not get the parts traditionally played by white actors. Dorothy is black. The Tin Man is native. Louise is involved both personally and as part of the newspaper covering the story. I thought it was very good and would highly recommend it.

On Deck – I hope to watch the new Jumanji movie this weekend. TV will likely be more of the above. I’m reading Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse.

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