I decided to go back and look at this post considering what 2020 has become:

I will read less this year. Focus is hard.

I am not going to more places for obvious reasons.

I have gone outside more as taking walks was the one thing I could do during lockdown.

I have not traveled to visit family more, again for obvious reasons.

2020 has not been the year to be happier and less stressed. If you read the blog it is even worse and I’ e reached the point of begging my wife to support me quitting my job in hopes that will help.

My posts have not been lighter and funnier.

I will skip a looking ahead post next year. Who knows what 2021 might bring,

The World's Common Tater

I’ve been thinking about posting a list of goals for 2020 but then I look back at my goals for 2019, think about how I failed at them and figure there is no point in making up new goals.

I said I would keep my yearly goal of reading 100 books for the year and didn’t even make 85. I set my Goodreads goal at 100 again. Maybe I will get back on track this year.

I said I would do more stuff out of the house and then spent more time at home instead.

I said I would go outside more. I did make an effort to read on the deck more when the weather was nice but could do better.

I said I would take more short trips to KY to see family. I went once and not until November.

I didn’t succeed much with my 2019 goals…

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