Happy Blogiversary to Me

12 years now. Nothing new to say.

I didn’t get any official notification from WordPress that it is today, but my Facebook memories told me that last year was 10 years on WordPress. My math is good enough to theorize that today would now be 11 years. 11 years of babbling about nothing. Before that I babbled a lot on LiveJournal, but under the name Demoncatch. I’ve been boring people online for years. Yay me.

As I enter the next year of blogging, I think maybe I should consider again the point of the blog.

Do I continue what I do which is post whatever pops in my head whenever I have time to do it even though it is not exactly a successful formula?

Do I veer more towards pop culture and media and do more TV/movie/book/music reviews, recaps, etc with a little more general pop culture thoughts thrown in?

Do I go back to posting more thoughts on current events, but take more time on crafting an essay and not just vomiting my thoughts out for 10 minutes and posting?

Do I just stop thinking about it and do whatever makes me happy because no matter what only about 20 people are going to read it anyway?

You would think after 11 years I would have more of a sense of what I want to do here.



5 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me

  1. I think what you’ve been doing is a nice mix of everything. If you want to improve it in some way, then just spending more time in the writing would work. Not that I think the writing needs improvement. It would just be a way of organizing your thoughts, making sure you’ve said what you wanted to say. I don’t know. I think it’s fine. I’m not big on sports, so I don’t necessarily read those; but I’m not your only reader. I find I look forward to your regular features and enjoy discovering what’s in your random ones.

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    1. I think you are right. I would get bored writing on the same topic all the time. I just need to spend the time to really work on the writing instead of typing what is in my head and then posting.


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